When it's just my camera and I, I feel like the whole world stops. More importantly, it feels as if time has stopped. As if it's only my camera, the view and I. The view is normally so breathtaking that its beauty can never quite be captured, but in my hands I hold a memory. Photos that link to a time and a place and the way I felt in that moment. It's not just about capturing a photo, it's about capturing emotion, colours and shape. It's about looking further into a picture and seeing the contrast between colours, how the sun shines from one side or how darkness acts as a frame. My camera changed me. It changed the way I view the world and the way I see people, places, objects and animals. When it's just my camera and I, nothing else matters. That's what photography is truly about. It's about looking below the surface. Photography can help you discover the world but more importantly, photography can help you discover yourself.